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Airport "Zhitomir" (Zhytomyr)

Airport reference Zhitomir with phone number and other contacts.

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Zhytomyr Regional Airport in Central Ukraine
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Where is the airport Zhitomir: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 50.273056, 28.735556

Airport address
Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

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Weather at the airport Zhitomir

Temperature: 0 °C
Pressure: 994 mmHg
Humidity: 99 %
Wind: 6 m/s

Historical Information and Information about Airport

Zhytomyr Airport is near the city of Zhytomyr and at a distance of 120 km from the capital of Ukraine.

Operation began during the Great Patriotic War. During hostilities, the airport was completely destroyed. His recovery on the plan of the 4th five-year plan began in 1947.

In 1994, the airport received the status of international. At that time, border and customs control services were involved on its territory.

Zhytomyr did not enjoy very popular with major airlines, and also did not meet international standards, as a result of which in 2011 will be drawn out from the list of civil airfields of Ukraine.

In 2014, after a long break, the restoration of the airport of Yanair airport began. During this work, its large-scale reconstruction was carried out. The terminal building is fully repaired, the runway has been restored, the latest equipment corresponding to modern standards has been purchased. Employees and airport began to undergo certification procedure.

In 2016, the updated Zhytomyr accepted the first aircraft that fulfilled the technical flight. It was a two-dimensional turbines of the passenger aircraft SAAB 340.

In 2017, the reconstructed runway was transferred to the ownership of the city. Its length at that time was 1.65 km at an international airport installed 2.5 km. The installation of the signal and navigation system was required to ensure the successful landing of airliners in the dark.

The territory of the airport is 120 hectares. It contains objects required for the continuous activities of the aircraft. For parking aircraft 4 perrone is provided.


On the territory of Zhytomyr Airport, a modern renovated terminal, whose reconstruction was engaged in Jan Air, which is his tenant.

The terminal building contains aircraft, registration racks, online tables, a broadcasting system, passport and customs control. The throughput of the terminal is up to 7,000 passengers per month.

Near the airport there are several free non-swigured parking.


Hotel-restaurant complex Petrograd is a 10-minute walk from the airport. For guests there are 35 comfortable single and double rooms equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant pastime. Restaurant, located in the hotel, makes it possible to try exquisite Ukrainian and European cuisine. Possible delivery of food to the room.
Also in the building there is a sauna and swimming pool, in the yard – paid parking.

The hotel is located at Kyiv Highway, 84.

Book a room by phone: +380 (412) 42-95-45

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