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Airport "Sumy" (Sumy)

Airport reference Sumy with phone number and other contacts.

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Where is the airport Sumy: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 50.858333, 34.762500

Airport address
Sumy, Sumy Oblast, Ukraine

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Weather at the airport Sumy

Temperature: 0 °C
Pressure: 1027 mmHg
Humidity: 60 %
Wind: 7 m/s

Historical Help

For the first time the airport in the city of Sumy appeared in 1939. At first he was a small plot with a soil strip and arranged on it buildings resembling booths. There were cars for the transportation of fuel. The aircraft were only three.

In the war years, the activities were discontinued and resumed in 1946. Additionally, 5 more aircraft were allocated.

In 1960, the airport was embroidered with a room for passengers, airport workers and a dispatching tower. The ground strip appeared light instruments and radio systems. There were small planes flying between regional cities, as well as to Moscow and Sochi.

The appearance of more modern aircraft models has caused the renewal and improvement of the airport in Sumy. In the previous territory it was not possible, therefore it became appropriate for the construction of a new airport a few kilometers from the old, near the village of Timiryazevka. Under construction, a plot of about 200 hectares of land was isolated.

In 1976, the construction of a concrete runway with a length of 2 km ended, and after 2 years it was extended by another 0.5 km.

In 1979, the opening of a new airport was held. After a year, the flow of passengers here was about 200 thousand people.

By 1990, a three-storey terminal was commissioned, but in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, his work did not take place.

At that time, the airport building was completely glazed, all finishing works were performed inside.

Until 2000, the airport is frozen. At the beginning of zero began flights to some cities.

Since 2016, the classification of the airport with passenger changed to the cargo-massage.

Airport information

The owner of the airport is the regional enterprise of the city of Sumy Airport. Today, there are infrequent promotional flights with high-ranking public individuals and flights with athletes on board the Tu-134 aircraft with restrictions, AN24, Yak-40.

On the landing strip periodically competences are held on Drag Rakeing.

Sign up on the airport, you can online on the official page of the company.


At Sumy Airport, only part of the terminal area is still working, its condition with stretch can be called satisfactory.
Financial investments are required to bring the airproof in proper condition.

The service of charter flights is carried out from a two-story building located nearby. There is also a temporary isolated arch of arrival, departure and working with luggage.

The throughput capacity of the terminal is 100,000 people per hour.

Not far from the airport there is a parking lot for car parking. Paid parking is not provided.


Mini hotel at Prokofiev is located 4.6 km from the airport. This is the nearest place where you can stop and comfortably spend time. There is a bar for customers, a common kitchen has. There are rooms for lonely and family people. Parking is provided for auto owners.

Book a mini-hotel room at the phone number: +7 (929) 778-76-82

how to get

  • taxi
  • personal car

To get on a personal car to Sumy Airport, you should go to Gerasim Kondratieva’s street and move in the southern direction aside from the city. In the area of ​​thymryazevka on a circular motion to turn left.

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