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Airport "Odessa International" (Odessa)

Airport reference Odessa International with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Odessa International
Airport Inquiry Phone Odessa International
Short description of the airport
Odesa International Airport in southern Ukraine
Official address
Odesa International Airport LLC, Ukraine, Odesa, 2 Central airport str., 65054

Official site

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Where is the airport Odessa International: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 46.426767, 30.676464

Airport address Odesa International Airport LLC, Ukraine, Odesa, 2 Central airport str., 65054
7 km southwest of Odessa city centre

Additional airport data Odessa International (Odessa)

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Number of terminals
Opening year
Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Odessa International
Base airlines
Arkia, AtlasGlobal Ukraine, Austrian Airlines, Azur Air Ukraine, Belavia , Bulgaria Air, Buta Airways, Czech Airlines

Weather at the airport Odessa International

Temperature: 12 °C
Pressure: 1005 mmHg
Humidity: 66 %
Wind: 2 m/s

Historical Help

Odessa International Airport leads its history since 1908, when the merchant of the first guild of A. A. Anatra, being a big fan of aviation, bought a plot into the steppe, not far from the military landfill a stroke field. According to his decree on this territory, workshops were placed on the repair and assembly of aircraft, Aeroclub, as well as the airfield for educational and test flights. Later, the airfield was renamed “School”.

In 1910, the school of pilots was located in the airlub building.

In 1913, the repair and assembly workshop was converted to the anatra deltaplanov plant.

In 1924, ODU at the airfield opened an air station. The first accepted passenger flight was the plane flew from Kharkov with a landing in Zinovievsk.

In the early 1930s, the geography of flights expanded to Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Chernigov, Krivoy Rog and Moscow.

From the late 1940s to the beginning of the 1960s, the main air harbor of Odessa was the “Zowa” airport with an 800-meter soil runway.

In 1960, at the “School” airfield, an artificial WFP, Perron and the building of the air-bottle complex were built. A year later, new cargo tracks, air strikes, sites for parking Sun, administrative building, etc. appeared here. All passenger flights from “Ozdascha” were translated.

In 1961, the Odessa Airport began to accept Tu-104 jet planes.

In 1982, the cargo terminal was commissioned with the possibility of providing services for customs clearance of goods.

In 2017, he began to serve domestic and international flights. New Passenger Terminal.

Airport Information

Odessa International Airport, located 7 km south-west of the center of the city of the same name, is the third largest Aerogava of Ukraine.

In 2016, without having an appropriate certificate, the air harbor adopted the Boeing 767-300 wide-body airliner with the Manchester United football team on board.

Airfield, not repaired 60 years, is in dire need of updating. According to Ukrainian media, work is already underway and may end up by mid-2020.

The dimensions of the runway with asphalt concrete coating are 2799 m x 56 m, which allows you to receive aircraft III and IV classes, as well as helicopters of all types.

The volume of annual passenger traffic is about 1,700,000 people.

The aerogavani has a private onboard nutrition shop, there is a laboratory for the quality of aviation fuel and lubricants.

Odessa International Airport has been created a barrier-free medium for passengers with disabilities:

  • Air-bottle complex is equipped with all the necessary free access equipment;
  • Passengers with APV are provided with carriages for travel through the airport, there is an outpatient lift for delivery from / to the aircraft board;
  • operates “Green Corridor” for Milk Citizens and War Veterans;
  • On request, airport staff are supported by passengers with disabilities from / to the registration zone in the departure room and up to / from the aircraft board;
  • In the building of the airport, special sanitary rooms are equipped, passengers with ABS have the right to expect land on their flight in a separate room;
  • in the parking lot is assigned space for parking lots of passengers with disabilities.


The airport complex of Odessa International Airport has a developed infrastructure. It is intended for servicing international and internal airlines. The bandwidth is 400 people per hour, in the future it is planned to increase to 1000 people per hour. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay of passengers.

Terminal Services:

  • Waiting Halls
  • reception reception for flight
  • online dial / departure board
  • tickets for the sale of tickets
  • Bureau of Finds
  • free Wi-Fi
  • Mother and baby room with kitchen
  • services for passengers with disabilities
  • Medples
  • automatic defibrillator
  • Sanitary rooms
  • luggage storage and hand-made bag
  • Luggage Packaging Protective Film
  • industrial and souvenir shops
  • Duty Free “Heinemann”
  • Citrus electronics store
  • Press Kiosk
  • ATMs
  • currency exchange points
  • High Support Hall
  • Cafe “S1P” and “WOG CAFE”
  • vip-hall
  • Taxi order rack
  • Car rental offices
  • Parking areas for vehicles

VIP-Hall services:

  • Comfortable waiting room with soft furniture
  • separate parking
  • wi-fi
  • separate registration for flight
  • city and international phones
  • TV
  • fax, copier, printer
  • Delivery from / to ladder Sun separate transport
  • Luggage Packaging Protective Film
  • hotel booking

Scheme of the airport airport complex Odessa:

Smoking on the territory of Odessa International Airport is allowed only in specially reserved places. Specials for smoking are located near the entrance to the airport, as well as in the hallways of the expectations of domestic and international airlines.

Location scheme for smoking area on the territory of the airport complex of Odessa International Airport:


Five parking areas are located on the territory of the air binding complex of the International Airport:

  • Parking № 1 to 70 Machinesture
  • Parking № 2 at 210 Machinesture
  • Parking № 3 at 45 Machinesture
  • Parking No. 4 for 30 Machinesture
  • Parking № 5 for 48 Machinesture

For the first 15 minutes of staying in Parking, the fee is not charged, then the calculation is made according to the current tariffs.

Location of parking zones on the territory of the airport complex of the Odessa International Airport:


Guests can accomile to the hotels located directly to Odessa.

Nearest hotels to the airport:

  • “Marinara” (Odessa, Lustdorf road, d. 121 / 1a, 5.3 km from the airport)
  • “de volan” (Odessa, st. Preobrazhenskaya, d. 75a, 5.3 km from the airport)
  • “Admiral” (Odessa, Per. Elisavetgradsky, D.1, 5.4 km from the airport)
  • “Alex” (Odessa, ul. Middle Education, D 10, 5.4 km from the airport)
  • “Good night” (Odessa, ul. Ekaterininskaya, d. 89, at 5.7 km from the airport)

How to get

to get to Odessa International Airport on:

  • bus number 117 (from the “Infectious Hospital”)
  • trolleybus number 14 (from the stop “Railway Station”)
  • taxi
  • personal car (travel time from the center of Odessa – about 15 minutes)

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains pictures of Odessa International Airport:

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