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Airport "Lviv Danyla Halytsky International" (Lviv)

Airport reference Lviv Danyla Halytsky International with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Lviv Danyla Halytsky International
Airport Inquiry Phone Lviv Danyla Halytsky International
Directorate phone
Short description of the airport
Daniil Galitsky Lviv International Airport
+38 (032) 229 82 65

Official site

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* Aircraft arrival and departure times at the airport Lviv Danyla Halytsky International are local.

Where is the airport Lviv Danyla Halytsky International: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 49.812500, 23.956111

Airport address
6 km from the center of Lviv

Additional airport data Lviv Danyla Halytsky International (Lviv)

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Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Lviv Danyla Halytsky International
Base airlines
Ryanair, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Motor Sich Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, SkyUp, Turkish Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines

Weather at the airport Lviv Danyla Halytsky International

Temperature: 10 °C
Pressure: 1005 mmHg
Humidity: 63 %
Wind: 6 m/s

Historical Help

Lviv International Airport was founded in 1929. At first, he was called Skniłów (Sknilov) in honor of the neighboring village, which later became part of the city of Lviv. At that time, a flight was carried out from the airport to Warsaw and Krakow.

By 2012, the airport was renovated and expanded, which is associated with the preparation for the European Football Championship “Euro 2012”. At that time, the new terminal was built, the airproof was restored, the runway was reconstructed and increased.

To repair per hour, up to 300 passengers on arrival and about 200 on departure. The WFP length was 2510 m. No more than 8 departures were committed per hour. Passenger traffic per hour in a renovated airport increased significantly and amounted to about 2,000 people. The runway is elongated to 3305 m, its width is 45 m. In this regard, there was an opportunity to serve class D airliners. The amount of flights per hour increased to 20.

On April 12, 2012, the airport received the official name “The International Airport” Lviv “named after Danil Galitsky. This name is connected with the name of the king, founding the city of Lviv.

To select the name, a new airport was held online survey among the inhabitants of Ukraine on Facebook. Voting passed throughout 5 days. It took part more than 12,000 people.

Airport Information

The “Lviv International Airport” named after Danil Galitsky is the largest aircraft in Ukraine, occupies a leading position on passenger traffic and the number of routes. There is this object 6 km from the center of Lviv in this city.

Currently, the air harbor serves domestic and international flights more than two dozen airlines. Flights to the cities of Europe, Asia, Africa are being carried out. Passenger traffic per year is about 2 million people per year.

Lviv Airport Scheme named after Danil Galitsky:


On the territory of Lviv Airport named after Danil Galitsky, the Terminal “A” is located, corresponding to all standard requirements of the international airport. Its area is 48.3 thousand square meters. m.

The throughput of this terminal is about 1000 people per hour. On its territory there are registration racks, airline offices, commercial organizations, including shops and food courts, also there are passport control racks, aircraft safety points, VIP-halls, recreation areas, currency exchange points, medical deposits.

4 telescopic lads make it possible to land and disembarking passengers directly from the terminal building.

Terminal Floor Scheme 1:

Terminal floor circuit 2:

Terminal Floor Scheme 3:


The airport zone has a paid guarded parking lot. To get on it, you need to get a ticket and drive through the barrier. Payment hourly. Free parking during the first 15 minutes stay.

For disabled, separate free parking is designated.


Hotel Pivdenniy is 1 km from Lviv Airport and 6 km from the city center. Opposite is the Sknilovsky Park. Comfortable two-room rooms are equipped with everything necessary for the convenience of guests. Each has air conditioning, electric kettle, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi is provided. There is a refrigerator. The hotel offers a cafe with low cost prices.

Hotel Pivdenniy is located at: Lviv, ul. Pokretkaya, d.36.

Book a room by phone: +380 32 295-25-28

how to get

You can get to the Lviv International Airport on:

  • taxi
  • express bus from the main railway station
  • trolleybus number 9
  • route bus number 48
  • personal car

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery presents pictures of Lviv International Airport:

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