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Airport "Volgograd Gumrak" (Volgograd)

Airport reference Volgograd Gumrak with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Volgograd Gumrak
Airport Inquiry Phone Volgograd Gumrak
Short description of the airport
Volgogra International Airport e
Official address
400036, Volgograd, Volgograd International Airport

Official site

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* Aircraft arrival and departure times at the airport Volgograd Gumrak are local.

Where is the airport Volgograd Gumrak: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 48.782528, 44.345544

Airport address 400036, Volgograd, Volgograd International Airport
18 km west of the center of Volgograd

Additional airport data Volgograd Gumrak (Volgograd)

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Opening year
Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Volgograd Gumrak
UUEE code
Base airlines
Aeroflot, Azimuth, Ellinair, Nordavia, Nordwind Airlines, Pegas Fly, Pegasus Airlines, Pobeda, S7 Airlines, UVT Air, Ural Airlines, Utair

Weather at the airport Volgograd Gumrak

Temperature: 21 °C
Pressure: 1017 mmHg
Humidity: 32 %
Wind: 4 m/s

Historical Help

Humor’s airport leads its history from 1933, when a Stalingrad aircraft carrier was created at the airfield about a railway station of Voroponovo.

In the 1930s, the Stalingrad AviaGroup flew to sanitary, as well as 4-seater passenger and cargo aircraft.

In the 1940s, the flights of postal passenger flights began. Before the war passenger traffic passed for 3000 people per year. Since 1941, 70% of the flight operation of the airport went to the front, and the airport stopped work. The strongholds of the 62nd Army of the Southeast Front were kept on its territory. In 1942, the fascists broke through the defense and took the airfield. Soviet troops were released by Gumba Airport on January 25, 1943, and immediately began his recovery. Already in summer, postal passenger transportation resumed.

In the 1950s, flights were restored to all pre-war directions, later the flights performed on the An-2, Li-2, Il-14 were added to them.

In 1959, airport was built on the territory of the airport (now in its place is the terminal of international airlines).

In the 1960s, flights of 10 lines of union meaning began, the number of personnel increased to 900 people. In 1963, work began on the reconstruction and extension of the WFP.

In 1971, a new pavilion was built (now in its place there is a terminal of internal airlines).

In 1971, Humki airport was awarded I class.

In 1988, WFP was strengthened and extended to 2500 m, which made it possible to receive transit aircraft Tu-154 and Il-76.

In 1992, the Volgograd United Aircuitant was divided into Volgograd and the Volga airport, later from the airport, the air navigation service was separated from the airport.

In 1992, a private engineering and aviation service appeared at the airport.

In 1994, Humrak airport was converted, and he received the status of international.

In 2001, the overhaul of the runway was completed.

On August 24, 2004, the Tu-134 and Tu-154 aircraft suffered as a result of planned terrorist attacks.

In 2010, the controlling stake in Volgograd International Airport acquired Novoport LLC.

In 2013, Gumki Airport became a laureate of the profile competition in the “passenger inspection” nomination. In the same year, the Aerogavan adopted the first Boeing 767-200 and the first flight of the victory is the airline.

In 2014, the reconstruction of the airfield complex and runway began, the first Duty Free and Duty PAID shops opened.

In 2015, the Museum of Volgograd Airport was opened at Gumburg Airport.

In 2016, a new terminal of international airlines was opened and a new runway was commissioned.

In 2017, Gumki Airport served a million passenger.

In 2018, the C2 terminal was opened for servicing internal airlines with the possibility of receiving up to 720 passengers per hour. In the same year, the first Air BUS A-340-300 was adopted.

Airport Information

Gumba, located in the north-west of the Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd in the microdistrict of the same name (15 km from the city center), is the federal airport of federal significance.

On average, Gumki Airport carries out about 45 launch and landing operations per day.

As of 2018, passenger traffic was 1,143,000 people.

In May 2018, at the airport began to take passengers of the railway station of the Volgograd train.

On the territory of the airport with the help of stuffed, rockets and records of votes of predators are scareding birds representing a special danger to aircraft.

On September 28, 2018, Gumba International Airport became the winner of the Eurasian Prize in the “Airport Year” nomination and recognized as the best aerogaval in category up to 2,000,000 passengers per year.


Three terminals (A, C and C2) are located at Gumrak Airport. Near the air-bottle complex is free parking.

The telescopic landscapes of Aerogavan is not equipped.

Total Airport Scheme:

Floor Plan C (MVL) Terminal:

Plan of the second floor terminal C (MVL):

Floor Plan C2 Terminal:

Plan of the Second Floor C2 Terminal:


Terminal Services:

  • waiting room
  • Mother and baby room
  • Medpunkt
  • Shops (“Souvenir”, “Sweet Souvenir”, “Meat Shop”, “Gifts of the Caspian”, “Rus”, “Orpheus”)
  • Cafe (“Airplane”, “Beellin”, “Latte-Bar”, Lunch Time, Cafe Bar “Crew”)
  • Banks (Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Center-Invest Bank, Opening)
  • ATMs
  • storage chambers
  • Luggage packaging (for WFI veterans for free)
  • free Wi-Fi
  • Car rental AVIS
  • vip-hall
  • Business Hall of Internal Airlines
  • International Airlines Business Hall
  • North Gallery Media Calle

Business halls services in the terminals of internal and international air lines C and C2:

  • delivery to the aircraft on a separate comfortable transport
  • View TV
  • Fresh press
  • Telephone connection
  • printer
  • fax
  • wi-fi
  • bar
  • buffet (buffet)

Certificates by phone. +7 (906) 400-40-80

North Gallery Media Callary Services with a capacity of 52 people (total area – 118 sq. M.):

  • Modern equipment for simultaneous translation
  • multimediacomplex for presentations equipped with a remote control system
  • wi-fi
  • air conditioning
  • Comfortable conference furniture

at the request of customers can be provided:

  • photo and video shooting
  • Organization of measures for the press
  • media lighting
  • Additional coffee breaks
  • Additional linces

Phones for reference and booking: +7 (8442) 26-10-87, + 7-937-531-77-55


Humbrom Airport has short-term and daily parking areas, as well as a special VIP entrance.

The entire parking complex is equipped with a video surveillance system.

Parking Scheme:


The airport of Gumrak is located its own hotel with 52 rooms equipped with everything necessary for comfortable accommodation, including free internet.

On the territory of the hotel there is a café “crew”, offering a buffet three times a day or delivery of food into the room.

Guests of the city in 30 minutes can get from the hotel to the center of Volgograd.

Phone for room reservation: 26-11-81.

how to get

Yes, the airport is gumrak can be reached by:

  • bus number 6 from the railway station
  • Taxi Taxi №6K from Cosmonavtov Street
  • electric train from Art. Volgograd-1 or Art. Slalopropitka
  • taxi
  • personal motor vehicles

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains pictures of Gumrak Airport (Volgograd):

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