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Airport "Samara Kurumoch" (Samara)

Airport reference Samara Kurumoch with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Samara Kurumoch
Airport Inquiry Phone Samara Kurumoch
Directorate phone
Short description of the airport
The largest international airport in the Volga region
Official address
Airport "Samara", Samara, Samara region,

Official site

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Where is the airport Samara Kurumoch: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 53.504858, 50.164336

Airport address Airport "Samara", Samara, Samara region,
35 km north of Samara

Additional airport data Samara Kurumoch (Samara)

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Number of terminals
Opening year
Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Samara Kurumoch
UUEE code
Base airlines
Aeroflot, Alrosa, Atlasglobal, Azur Air, Czech Airlines, Dexter, Ellinair, Finnair, I fly, Komiaviatrans, KrasAvia, NordStar Airlines, Nordwind Air lines, Orenburg region, Pegas Fly, Pobeda, Red Wings Airlines, Royal Flight, RusLine, Russia, S7 Airlines, SmartAvia, Tajik Air, UTair, UVT Aero, Ural Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, VIM-Avia, Vueling, flyDubai

Weather at the airport Samara Kurumoch

Temperature: -13 °C
Pressure: 1043 mmHg
Humidity: 56 %
Wind: 1 m/s

Information and History

The full name of the international airport in Samara – Kurumoch named after Sergei Queen. Located 35 km from the center of Samara, next to the village of Bereza. The services of the airport are residents of Togliatti, Samara, Ulyanovsk and Uralsk (Kazakhstan). The original name “Kurumoch” originated from the name of the settlement, located 7 km from the air harbor.

The passenger flow exceeds 3,000,000 people per year. Flights of 108 routes are performed by airplanes 57 airlines.

The history of the airport “Kurumoch” begins in December 1957, when it was opened for receiving and sending regular flights. Before that, next to the city of Kuibyshev functioned the airport “Udslyaevka”. But its location did not allow to build a modern torn boarding pole sufficiently length for receiving aircraft with different fuselage long.

The status of the international airport was assigned in 1992. In May 2019, the airport was given the name of Sergey Queen.

Reconstruction is carried out. In 2015, the building of the new terminal was commissioned. In 2018, repaired and equipped with new EPP-2 equipment (15/33). It allows you to take and send all types of modern air liners. Landing and landing are carried out through telescopic ladders.

Scheme and Terminals

The new terminal of Kurumoch Airport was commissioned in 2015. Its construction was conducted as part of preparation for the 2018 World Cup. The old airport is closed for reconstruction. In the future, it is planned to be used to organize departures in the inner directions.

Passenger Terminal Services:

  • Mother and Child Room is located on the 3rd terminal level, it can be free parents with a child under the age of 7;
  • Kurumoch airport cafe Work around the clock, their location can be viewed on the attached scheme;
  • Business halls are located in the departure zone from Kurumoch airport in domestic and international destinations on the 3rd level;
  • Medpunkt is located in the arrival area at the 1st level;
  • on the 1st floor there is a car rental service, you can also order a taxi to the city.

There is no private hotels in Kurumoch airport. Hotels in Kurumoch airport

  • Holiday Inn samara “(On the Volga Embankment);
  • “Lotte Hotel Samara” (ul. Samara, 110);
  • “7 Avenue Hotel & Amp; SPA 5 * “( ul . new-garden, 3);
  • GK “Russian Hunting” (village Kurumoch).

Look at the map of Kurumoch Airport – it shows all the elements (toilets, check-in counters, ATMs, passport and customs control, waiting rooms, etc.):

Parking for cars

Parking near the airport “Kurumoch” is divided into hourly and daily. On all parking in Samara Airport “Kurumoch” highlighted places for passengers with disabilities. They are provided free of charge of vehicle storage services. For all other categories, car parking at Kurumoch airport is paid. The vehicle can be free on it no more than 15 minutes. Then begins tariffing.

Parking locations with daily and hourly storage can be viewed on the map:

how to get

How to get from Samara to Kurumoch airport:

  • Bus number 652, next from the bus station (ticket cost 125 rub.)
  • bus number 78 from Barboshina Polyana (ticket cost 28 rub.);
  • route taxi №392 (travel cost 45 rubles);
  • Personal vehicle;
  • Taxi order.

From Togliatti can be reached by intercity bus No. 652, travel time 60 minutes, the fare is 160 rubles.

From the airport to the city you can leave on the above buses and a route taxi. In the terminal, the service office of the car and the taxi order.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains photos of the airport “Kurumoch” – they depict the appearance and premises inside the terminal:

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