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Airport "Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo" (Blagoveshchensk)

Airport reference Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo
Airport Inquiry Phone Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo
Short description of the airport
International airport of the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Far East
Official address
Blagoveshchensk, Airport
Official site

Official online scoreboard of departures and arrivals at the airport Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo for today

On the online scoreboard of arrivals and departures of airplanes of the airport Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo electronic data is presented in real time.

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no flights
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no flights
* Aircraft arrival and departure times at the airport Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo are local.

Where is the airport Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 50.425394, 127.412478

Airport address Blagoveshchensk, Airport
15 km northwest of the city of Blagoveshchensk

Additional airport data Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo (Blagoveshchensk)

Additional airport information "Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo" includes unique identifiers assigned to airports by international and local aviation associations. See where it is on the map. Presented meteorological report - the weather for today.

Number of terminals
Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo
UUEE code
Base airlines
AZUR air, Amur Air Base, Aurora, IrAero, Nordwind Airlines, Pegas Fly, Royal Flight, S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, Yakutia

Weather at the airport Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo

Temperature: 17 °C
Pressure: 1011 mmHg
Humidity: 36 %
Wind: 2 m/s

Historical Help

Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk) is one of the youngest air harvesters in Russia. The decision on the construction of the airfield was adopted in 1997, and in a year the first IL-62 aircraft landed here.

In 2005, an automatic system of registration of passengers and baggage was introduced at the airport.

In 2006, the airline received a certificate for the right to maintain the An-140 aircraft. At the same time, an automated passport control system “Cascade” began operating in the aerogavani.

In 2008, a special airport was replenished with a new service technique.

In 2010, the first phase of the air-bottle complex of internal airlines was commissioned, capable of servicing 300 passengers per hour. In the same year, the airfield began to take aircraft Boeing-767.

In 2011, new equipment for the inspection of passengers and baggage was purchased, a video monitoring system was installed.

In 2012, the reconstruction of the international sector of the aircraft complex was carried out.

Airport Information

Ignatievo International Airport, located near the village of the same name, 15 km of the north-west of the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Amur region, just 3.5 km from the border with China, has the status of federal significance.

In 2004, the airport was awarded the “Crystal Knight” award in the nomination “Industry leader” in the competition held by the international profile company Aquarius Earthmaker.

The dimensions of the runway with asphalt concrete coating are 2800 m x 45 m, which allows you to take aircraft III and IV classes, as well as helicopters of all types.

Airfield Ignatievo is a spare for aircraft following transcontinental routes from North America to Asia. In emergency cases, air harbor can take far-haul aircraft.

The volume of annual passenger traffic is about 550,000 people.

On the territory of Grozny International Airport, a barrier-free medium for passengers with disabilities was created:

  • Air-bottle complex is equipped with all the necessary free access equipment
  • Passengers with ABS are provided with carriages for travel through the airport territory
  • operates “Green Corridor” for Milk Citizens and Warm Veterans
  • On request, airport staff provide accompanying passengers with disabilities from / to the registration zone in the departure room and up to / from the aircraft board
  • In the building of the airport, special sanitary rooms are equipped
  • Assistance is carried out in the walking of dogs-guide
  • Passenger parking spaces with disabilities

In 2019, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, according to the results of the national vote, the “Great Names of Russia” International Airport Ignatievo (Blagoveshchensk) was assigned the name of the Russian State Affairsist, Governor-General Eastern Siberia N. N. Muravyeva-Amur.


The airport complex of Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk) has a developed infrastructure, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay of air passengers.

Terminal Services:

  • waiting room
  • reception reception for flight
  • online dial / departure board
  • tickets for the sale of tickets
  • Mother and baby room
  • services for passengers with disabilities
  • Medpunkt
  • luggage storage and hand-made bag
  • Luggage Packaging Protective Film
  • industrial and souvenir shops
  • Press Kiosks
  • High Support Hall
  • Cafe, Buffet, Mini Coffee Shop
  • pharmacy
  • Sanitary rooms
  • Business Hall
  • ATM and payment terminals
  • parking for vehicles

Business Hall Services:

  • Comfortable waiting room with soft furniture
  • TV
  • Fresh press
  • separate registration for flight
  • Luggage Packaging Protective Film
  • Delivery to / from ladder Sun separate transport
  • Light snacks, hot and soft drinks


The air passengers flying to Ignatievo Airport can accommodate hotels located in Blagoveshchensk:

Nearest hotels to the airport:

  • “Aster” (Blagoveshchensk, ul. Lomonosova, d. 179, 16 km from AeroPert)
  • “Red” (Blagoveshchensk, ul. Mukhina, d. 114, at 17.4 km from the airport)
  • “Sakura” (Blagoveshchensk, st. Komsomolskaya, d. 50/2, at 18.8 km from AeroPert)
  • “Shanghai” (Blagoveshchensk, ul. Dyachenko, d. 15, at 19.3 km from the airport)
  • “Dream” (Blagoveshchensk, ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya, d. 123, 19.5 km from the airport)


On the territory of the cargo warehouse of the air-bottle complex Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk) equipped with a guarded parking lot with daily payment.

Before the passenger terminal is a free parking, designed for 200 parking spaces.

Location scheme of free parking on the territory of Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk):

how to get

Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk) can be reached on:

  • bus number 8 (from the station “Department Store”, travel time is about 45 minutes)
  • taxi
  • personal car (by Ignatiev highway)

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains images of Ignatievo International Airport (Blagoveshchensk):

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