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Airport "Sari Dasht-e Naz International" (Sari)

Airport reference Sari Dasht-e Naz International with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Sari Dasht-e Naz International
Short description of the airport
International airport , serving the province of Mazandaran in northern Iran
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no flights
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no flights
* Aircraft arrival and departure times at the airport Sari Dasht-e Naz International are local.

Where is the airport Sari Dasht-e Naz International: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 36.635833, 53.193611

Airport address
23 km northeast of Sari city

Additional airport data Sari Dasht-e Naz International (Sari)

Additional airport information "Sari Dasht-e Naz International" includes unique identifiers assigned to airports by international and local aviation associations. See where it is on the map. Presented meteorological report - the weather for today.

Number of terminals
Opening year
Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Sari Dasht-e Naz International
Base airlines
ATA, Caspian Airlines, Fly Baghdad, Iran Air, Iran Air Tours, Iran Aseman Airlines, Kish Air, Taban Air

Weather at the airport Sari Dasht-e Naz International

Temperature: 23 °C
Pressure: 1012 mmHg
Humidity: 64 %
Wind: 2 m/s

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