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Airport "Diagoras" (Rhodes)

Airport reference Diagoras with phone number and other contacts.

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Airport name in English
Airport Inquiry Phone Diagoras
Official address
Rhodes International Airport DIAGORAS, PS 85106, Rhodes island, Greece
Official site

Official online scoreboard of departures and arrivals at the airport Diagoras for today

On the online scoreboard of arrivals and departures of airplanes of the airport Diagoras electronic data is presented in real time.

Flight numberAirlineDestinationDepartureStatus
A3581 1 Aegean AirlinesThessalonikiSKG10:25
30 January
Estimated 10:31
A37581Aegean AirlinesThessalonikiSKG10:25
30 January
Estimated 10:31
A3205 2 Aegean AirlinesAthensATH15:15
30 January
Estimated 15:21
30 January
Estimated 15:21
OA6205Olympic AirAthensATH15:15
30 January
Estimated 15:21
Flight numberAirlineDepartureArrivalStatus
A3202 1 Aegean AirlinesAthensATH09:40
30 January
Landed 09:36
OA6202Olympic AirAthensATH09:40
30 January
Landed 09:36
A3580 1 Aegean AirlinesThessalonikiSKG13:40
30 January
A37580Aegean AirlinesThessalonikiSKG13:40
30 January
GQ51 Sky ExpressSamosSMI17:40
30 January
* Aircraft arrival and departure times at the airport Diagoras are local.

Where is the airport Diagoras: address and map coordinates

GPS Coordinates 36.40631107, 28.08590954

Airport address Rhodes International Airport DIAGORAS, PS 85106, Rhodes island, Greece

Additional airport data Diagoras (Rhodes)

Additional airport information "Diagoras" includes unique identifiers assigned to airports by international and local aviation associations. See where it is on the map. Presented meteorological report - the weather for today.

Timezone (winter/ summer)
IATA code
ICAO airport code Diagoras

Weather at the airport Diagoras

Temperature: 13 °C
Pressure: 1012 mmHg
Humidity: 58 %
Wind: 6 m/s

You can write an objective review of the airport below Diagoras on the quality of service.

Airport reviews Diagoras (Rhodes)

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